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Our rich consulting experience and professional recruitment team help many Graduate Students realise their career goals.
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CareerGo provides career counselling services to an average of over 5,000 students in the UK each year. Our headhunting team have placed more than 1,500 students and graduates into UK companies across major industries.
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The Best Platform For Graduate Students
We created a service model that combines career training with headhunting services for graduate students. From the perspective of HR recruitment in UK enterprises, we provide UK students with customized career counselling and career upskilling programmes. Our professional headhunting service team combines our many UK corporate resources to help students cope with the corporate recruitment process. Through the joint efforts with our students, we can guarantee the success rate stated of students employment in British enterprises.
Our Career Consultants
CareerGo's Consultants Have All The Approved Qualifications For Training
More than ten years of training experience
Rich teaching experience
Industry-wide resources
In-service mentor of Fortune 500 companies
Excellent academic background
PhD/Graduate Education Background
Accurate training experience
Tailored for international academics
Student Cases
We Work with More Than 300 Educational Institutions
CareerGo has long-term official partnerships with more than 300 Educational Institutions. Every year we provide educational consultancy and career training services to more than 10,000 International students
The Five Main Values Of Having A UK Work Experience
The beginning of international elitism
Overseas work experience is an important label for an international elite
The only way to stay and work in the UK
You can get permanent residence in the UK after working for 5 years, which is the best shortcut to immigrate to the UK
Valuable experiences which are not to be missed
As an international student, working close to industry elites in the UK will pave the way for future career advancement
An important cornerstone for prestigious school applications
The most effective way to help students stand out for applications for the top schools
A substantial increase in the competitiveness when returning home countries
British internship experience will make you stand out in the job applications of Fortune 500 and other outstanding companies