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Our rich consulting experience and professional recruitment team help many Graduate Students realise their career goals.
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Authority in International Student Career Training
Established in 2015, CareerGo is headquartered in London’s financial centre, with branches in Bangkok, Thailand, Beijing and Shanghai, China. We have created a service model that combines career counselling with international headhunting. From the perspective of HR recruitment in UK enterprises, we provide UK students with customized career counselling and career upskilling programmes. We cooperate with our professional headhunting service teams and numerous British enterprise resources to ensure our students find their most suited placement.

CareerGo has cooperated with more than 300 domestic and foreign universities and international educational institutions to develop rich product lines of professional skills upgrading and headhunting for international students and to accompany students in coping with the HR processes when looking for work in the UK. Our headhunting resources cover more than 4,000 British companies, and provides career counselling services to over 5,000 international students every year.
CareerGo: Top Career Training Brand for International Students in the UK
CareerGo tailors a job search plan for students, improves job search skills on a one-on-one basis, senior headhunters match the job positions precisely, and eventually secure you a position at a UK employer partner company. At present, the market share of career training services for international students in the UK, the number of successful internships, the number of interns who obtain UK work visas, and the satisfaction of training services are all at the leading level in the industry.
Career Counselling
Our consulting experts can help you clarify exactly what you want and answer all initial job-hunting questions.
Career Upskilling Scheme
The career upskilling training scheme is certified by the UK International Student Employability
Headhunting Service
Accurate job matching in different industries and excellent headhunting resources.
Job Guarantee
All positions will follow the company's formal HR procedures.
High-quality Business Partners
4000+ UK Business Partners across all major industries.
The Most Successful Cases In the Industry
So far, we have successfully assisted more than 3,000 graduates to join British companies.
Top educational resources support
CareerGo has official cooperation with more than 300 universities and international educational institutions. Market strategic partners are located in major cities in China, including EIC Education, New Oriental, Aoji Education, 51 offer, GoUni Education, etc.
In cooperation with 300+ universities and international educational institutions
CareerGo has more than 300 universities and international educational institutions in official cooperation to provide high-quality career planning and job training services for international students from many prestigious schools in the UK
A Leading International Education Promotion Platform
Through its world-class international education promotion center, CareerGo develops and promotes a wide variety of its original education videos on international portals like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, and has generated more than 100 million views so far. The GoUni Group has received extensive coverage from international mainstream media, including BBC, LineToday, The Standard, GMMTV and the widest circulated newspaper in Thailand Thai Rath, The GoUni Group has also been recognised as the most influential educational organization in Southeast Asia.
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