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Career Model based on your ability
Value Model to help you find a target role
Personality Assessment to find you the right employer
Professional Training
Professional Tutors
Professional Tutors help you with your CV and Interviews
Professional Consultants
Professional consultants help you to get real-world skills
Your administrator will assist and answer your questions
Offer Guaranteed
Senior headhunters assist throughout the whole process
All positions go through the company's HR recruitment process
All positions are provided by the companies with official recommendation letters
Initial consultation
1 To 1 Training Procedure
Comprehensive background analysis and improvement
What kind of career should I choose?
-Career overview and development path selection
What kind of occupation matches me?
-Career development and self-assessment
How to make a decent CV and Cover Letter?
Industry knowledge and job interpretation
Online applications, Open Questions
Industry counseling and Online Tests
Improve interview skills
How express profesionally with correct written or oval expression
-How to introduce yourself and career motivation
How to fit previous experience and prepared stories into job description
-How to tell your previous story
How to do online form and telephone interview with useful details
-What do companies need to hear from you?
How to prepare Interview with hidden requirements
-Answers to short open questions
Learn the way to think and response through cases
-Business case analysis questions
Build your own network
The establishment of the British network
First Day at a Job
UK visas and long-term development
Match The Job
Mock Interview with assigned consultant
Enrolled at New Job - Improve 7 key abilities
1. Communication, Persuasion, Presentation skills
How to ask quality questions
How to effectively communicate with customers
How to bring up a better solution and get better deals when negotiating
How to show your advantages,your potential, and how to sell yourself in the interview
2. Public Speech Skills
How to prevent being shy when public speaking
How to reduce your accent
How to increase your confidence and be convincing
How to express a complicated concept in a simple way
3. Written Abilities
How to communicate with an employer effectively
How to write professional documents
How to avoid noneffective communication
Things you need to know when writing blogs, messages, tweets
4. Team work and leadership
How to give a clear order to the team
How to show your leadership
How to create a good company culture
How to inspire and encourage the team members
5. Time management ability
How to prioritize multiple tasks at the same time
How to plan the urgency and importance of things in daily learning work
How to manage your own value from small accumulation, from quantitative change to qualitative change
How to realize the value of your time
6. Commercial awareness and industrial sense
How to know the Profit Models and Operation Models of different industries
Know the model of Talent Demand in the industry
Know how to make a breakthrough in your industry
Using data to analyze the strategies
7. Taking initiative and positive thinking
How to think and make communication effectively and positively
How to analyze with dialectical thoughts and make positive desicions
How to help others to create value
How to teach someone else the skills that you are good at