Precise Matching
Career Model based on your ability
Value Model to help you find target role
Personality Model to find the right employer
Professional Training
Professional Tutors help you with CV and Interviews
Professional consultants help to get real-world skills
Your administrator will assist and answer your questions
Offer Guareetued
Headhunter help you find the position and arrange interview
Before interview recommend you to the company
After interview help you to get the offer
Our Service Procedure
Step 1: Early Stage Procedure
Stage 1: Fill the Internship Form
Stage 2: Comprehensive background assessment, making sure you are eligible to apply
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Step 2: 1 To 1 Training Procedure
Stage 1: Comprehensive background analysis and improvements
Stage 2: Industrial knowledge and job role interpretation
Stage 3: Interview Skills improvements
Stage 4: Build up the social network
Our Consultants
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Dig more into your experience and analyze every experience you had including internships, other jobs, club experience to find the highlight we can use for application
Get your achievement story ready (15-20)
Detailise and improve your CV
Analyze personality and know how to utilise the strength
Find the selling point of you and your career enthusieum and motivation
Train you to describe your experience detaily in CV using business terms and ways
Step 3: Match The Job
Assess and review the Training, making sure student are ready
Mock Interview with assigned consultant
Apply to companies based on appliant's ability, experience and preference.
Arrange 1 to 1 interview between appliant and the company
Appliant and the company agree with internship contract
Enroll to the Job
Internship Certificate and reference letter on LinkedIn
Step 4: Enrolled at New Job - Improve 7 key abilities
1.Communication, Persuasion, Presentation skills
Public Speech Skills
Written Abilities
Team work and leadership
Time Control Skills
Business Sense and Industrial Sense
• How to ask quality questions
• How to effectivelu communicate with customers
• How to bring up a better solution and get better deal on negotiation
• How to show advantages, potentials of you and selling yourself in interview
Initiative thinking and Positive thinking
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